Getting To Know The Core Materials For Building A Yacht

Building a yacht is no small feat, it calls for the use of a lot of materials. Of course, it pays to know your materials well because it would directly affect the quality of the yacht built! Divinycell is one of the core materials required for building a vessel. Due to its impressive FST or Fire, Smoke and Toxicity properties, Divinycell cores are considered to be excellent choices for building yachts. These meet the USA and UK regulatory requirements for commercial aircrafts, therefore they make an excellent choice for boats and vessels too! Divinycell cores are recyclable and pre-preg compatible, therefore they do not put a lot of impact on the environment. By opting for these sandwich cores you will be able to improve the lifetime cost too!

Divinycell-cores come in a vast array of options and all of these have excellent chemical resistance, heat ageing and fatigue life. You need to select the cores that are meant for the marine industry. The official website offers a core selection guide to users in order to help customers find the best cores based on factors such as compression strength, shear strength, material type, process conditions, grades and so on.
Those who are engaged in yacht building would be well aware of Coosa board. Manufactured by Coosa Composites LLC, these boards are built for the marine industry. It is basically a structural panel constructed from high density polyurethane foam which is reinforced with multiple layers of fiberglass. Unlike wood, these do not rot easily and are extremely sturdy. Thus, they can be used for structural and non-structural applications. In case of yachts, the Coosa board is mostly used for building hatch lids, stringers, transoms, decks, bulkheads and so on.

Of course, all yachts are going to need a paintjob as the finishing touch. When it comes to paints for boats and yachts, Awlgrip is a popular choice. This internationally renowned company offers professional paints for yacht coatings. Awlgrip paints can be used both above as well as below the waterline. These are light weight, have good color retention properties and offer a long lasting gloss. What’s more, they are very easy to apply and they boast of a buffable finish too! These can either be applied through the use of brushes or by spraying. All paints from Awlgrip offer high performance, therefore you can rest assured that you’re investing your money in the right product when you pick up Awlgrip paints!